Feast your eyes on the work and wisdom of Gen Z-ers in Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020 and a virtual conference about youth & technology

Remember that headline in The Atlantic three years ago asking whether smartphones were “destroying a generation”? I hope not. But if you do, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary — even in 2020, believe it or not. Young people are using smartphones and other technology to heal themselves and…

Moving away from surveillance and control and toward a child rights framework honored all over the world

For 20 years now, all around the world, governments, child advocacy groups, corporations, schools and parents have actually been trying to uphold children’s rights of protection by ignoring their participation rights online (those of expression, conscience, participation, association, access to information and being consulted on matters that concern them). …

Anne Collier

Youth advocate; blogger, NetFamilyNews.org; founder, The Net Safety Collaborative

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